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Modern Two-Story Home Features Classic Design On Home Exterior


This is a classic two-story home featuring a traditional design. The exterior of this home features classic design.

Home Exterior

This two-story home features a classic design on its exterior. The exterior is painted white, and the roof is red. The windows are triple-glazed, and they have awnings that match the color of the house. The doors are solid wood with glass inserts for privacy purposes; they’re also fitted with brass hardware for an elegant touch.

The home has an attached garage for convenient parking when you’re driving in from work or running errands around town!

Classic Design

Classic design is timeless, but it’s not trendy. It’s simple, yet understated. Classic design is not over the top and doesn’t need to be modernized every few years because it never goes out of style or gets old. In fact, classic homes are often built with traditional materials like wood siding or brick that last for decades and even centuries–the way they were originally intended to be used!

The exterior of this home features classic design.

The exterior of this home features classic design. The two-story structure is painted white with black shutters, which adds a touch of elegance to the home’s front facade. A large porch covers most of the first floor and features a bench swing suspended from chains above it. The roof has been adorned with ornate metalwork that mimics traditional European architecture, while tall windows on either side provide plenty of natural light inside the house and create an inviting atmosphere when you step inside at night or during the day.


The exterior of this home features classic design. The two-story house has a brick exterior with shutters, a front porch and stone accents.

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